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This game is a dump!

I bought this for my 4 year old to play occasionally so I didn't expect much. However, it was far worse than I'd thought. The music played in the background repeats profanity which had me both shocked and upset. In my opinion, the apps overall performance is poor as well. Don't waste your products memory!

4+ rating?

My children were playing this 4+ rated game and the horrible music says the f* word over and over and over! Where's the QA from the developer or Apple?

talk about a 4+ game... smh😒

i start playing the game and in the first 3 secs. all it says is the f word

Huh it's rated 4+

I got this for my little brother and starts saying what the f&@k is wrong with u don't buy

Conned again

Getting to the point where I'm feeling conned on a regular basis from paid apps like this. You buy it, get to play for five minutes then, are required to shell out a boat load more cash to keep playing. Apple needs a new category for rip-offs like this.

Rip off

Seriously! Save your 99 cents. Played 2 games and now it's asking me for more money. Get another game.

So Gay

This is the stupidest game ever do not buy you pay $.99 to buy the game and as you play the game you have to pay money to play it do not buy you cannot play this game without purchasing in app purchases.

Pass on this one

Twitchy controls, cash grab with in-game purchases and a horrible choice in music. The cumulative rating for this one is certainly suspect... You've been warned.

Don't buy

You cannot play if u don't pay

DON'T buy it

Don't buy this game

It Stinks!!!

You have to use up 5 coins to take a SHOT and you only start with 300 coins. When you don't have enough coins, it asks you to pay a $1 for another 300 coins. This app STINKS!!! DON'T BUY THIS APP, IT IS A RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!

Are you kidding?

You literally have to spend lots of money to even play this game. It gives you 300 coins to start with and every time you take a shot it costs coins. It took me 3 mins to use up the coins that came with it and now it wants, 99 cent for a measly 300. This is simply an aim with the line and shoot game there are other looks to it but each one is 300 coins. DON'T Buy this GAME it's a big rip off. I can't believe Apple would allow this. May go to a kindle fire!!!

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